Monday, 19 May 2014

Happy 3 monthversary to Silver Lining

Boy, how times flies when you are having fun. 3 months ago today I officially became a self-published author when the Paperback for Silver Lining became available to purchase (the ebook was released 2 days later). It has been a crazy, and often emotional, roller coaster ride, but one I never want to get off. It may make me sick, it may make me dizzy but it also gives me the rush and the laughs and the joy of the ride. It has made me new and amazing friends as I waited in that queue edging toward the moment the safety bar came down and I was shot off at a billion miles an hour into those highs and lows, twists and turns, and occasionally even going backward. The beauty of it all though? Those new friends are also on the ride with me, along with a few others and together they support me when I want to scream and shout 'I want to get off'.

It's hard to say if Silver Lining is doing well, bad or indifferent. I have nothing to compare it to. But sometimes it's about more than a few figures or a royalty payment. Sometimes it's about embracing the connections you make, and through all this I have made some awesome connections with the amazing bloggers who work tirelessly to help promote your book, and all for a quick shout out or the occasional bit of swag. I know there are some downsides (I won't dwell on them)but I have to say it, I love this community of authors, bloggers and readers. So, to celebrate the fact that Silver Lining has now been out for 3 months, I have set up a giveaway on Goodreads to win a signed copy. Pop on over and enter:

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Silver Lining by E.J. Shortall

Silver Lining

by E.J. Shortall

Giveaway ends July 17, 2014.
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What's next for me? I'm about 70% through writing Silver Dove and still hope for an early August release date. Keep watching, I may start posting some small excerpts in the near future. E.J. xx